How much of my home expenses can I write off in my business?

write off h0me expenses

A self-employed taxpayer can claim a business portion of home expenses based on the percentage of the home used for business purposes. The percentage claimed of all the allowable expenses is normally based on a square footage basis. The business taxpayer can include mortgage interest and taxes along with the other operating costs in the […]

Are Dividends from my Small Business Corporation better than Salary?

Dividends vs salary

There is little or no tax advantage in receiving taxable ineligible dividends from your small business corporation due to CRA adjusting the dividend tax credit in recent years. However, there is no CPP deducted on dividends, thus there could be a cash flow advantage in receiving a dividend instead of salary. There are other personal […]

What is the Mailing Address for CRA?

CRA mailing addresses

There are different mailing addresses for different regions and cities in Canada. Find the right mailing address for the type of form that you want to mail to CRA. SBNDigital Agency’s interactive video will display the mailing address for the form that you need to mail to Canada Revenue Agency. Find the CRA mailing address […]

When are My Business Returns Due for Filing with CRA?

Tax return due date

GST/HST The filing frequency will depend on the size of your business and the current arrangements made with CRA. Most small business corporations file their GST/HST on a quarterly basis determined on the fiscal year of the business. Thus a fiscal year end of January would result in quarterly filings due 30 days after the […]

When and What Documents can a Business Owner Destroy?

destroy tax documents

CRA requires that you retain documents for at least 6 years before destroying them. It is still recommended that you request written permission from CRA before doing so. Note that you may have to keep supporting documents for longer than 6 years when those documents pertain to investments and equipment which the business still has […]

Documents and Information to Take to Your Meeting with your Accountant

Year End meeting with Accountant

The documents and information will vary with the different businesses depending on the accounting software systems; whether the accountant has online access to the data file, type of accounting engagement (review or non-review) etc.  Your accountant may send you a letter around the time of your fiscal year end outlining the documents and information. If […]

Want to be an Accountant?

Want to be an accountant

“Mohammed, a gangly 17-year-old who fled Syria with no hope of seeing his familyagain, dreams of being a footballer. Drita saw a side to humanity no 16-year-oldshould during her journey from eastern Europe. Now, she has pinned her hopes onbecoming a teacher. Abu has a dream too. The 18-year-old longs to stand in his grandmother’s […]