Preparation of corporation tax returns by an qualified accountant.

Accountants carry out a variety of tasks and services which vary according to the requirements of the industry and employment duties.  Most accountants are employed in industry while a smaller percentage are engaged in public practice.

Accountants in public practice provide services as follows:

  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Audits
  • Preparation of tax returns, both personal and corporate
  • Tax planning
  • Assistance in setting up accounting software systems
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Business plans
  • Financing proposals

Accountants in industry perform the following duties:

  • Look after payroll systems
  • Work with public accountants with internal and external audits
  • Explain billing invoices and accounting policies to staff, vendors, and clients
  • Prepare and review budgets, revenue, expenses, payroll entries, invoices, and other accounting documents
  • Create budgets on behalf of management, analyze and review budgets and expenditures for local, provincial/state, federal and private funding, review contracts, and grants
  • Prepare profit and loss statements and monthly closing and cost accounting reports
  • Analyze revenue and expenditure trends and recommend appropriate budget levels, and ensure expenditure control
  • Compile and analyze financial information to prepare entries to accounts, such as general ledger accounts, and document business transactions
  • Supervise the input and handling of financial data and reports for the company’s automated financial systems
  • Resolve accounting discrepancies
  • Establish, maintain, and coordinate the implementation of accounting and accounting control procedures
  • Recommend, develop and maintain financial data bases, computer software systems, and manual filing systems