“Mohammed, a gangly 17-year-old who fled Syria with no hope of seeing his family
again, dreams of being a footballer. Drita saw a side to humanity no 16-year-old
should during her journey from eastern Europe. Now, she has pinned her hopes on
becoming a teacher.

Abu has a dream too. The 18-year-old longs to stand in his grandmother’s kitchen in
South Sudan, mouth watering in anticipation of her cooking. It is a dream he has
consigned to fantasy. “I can’t see me being able to go back,” he says.

The dreams range from the everyday (“I dream of being an accountant”) and wistful
(“I dream of getting lost”) to the heartbreaking: “I dream of seeing my mamma one
last time”. All of them were shared at workshops overseen by poets Kayo Chingonyi
and Jasmine Ann Cooray during the summer”

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Dream of being an Accountant

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